Wednesday, 11 May 2016


As you may or may not know, Les Filles Racing Team is a fully self-funded and self-run women’s racing team who complete at Elite and National level races. We are thankful to have the support of a few small companies and individuals who volunteer their time and/or services to help us out. One of these companies is Wildoo clothing, who supply us with our lovely race kit, and their subsidiary company Velopac have provided us with customised musettes and ridepacs this year. We have a limited number of these great products available to sell, and we plan to use any funds raised to pay for race entries for the team.

The Musettes come with an adjustable strap, zipper, are water-resistant and can be wiped down clean. The Ridepacs are extremely practical, big enough to fit your coins and cards AND iPhone6, but still fit snuggly in your jersey pocket. It is also made out of water-resistant material. You can check them out on

So if you are a fan of Les Filles, like the design, need a musette or ride wallet, or just want to support us in some way, get in touch. Supplies are limited!

The musettes are £20, ridepacs £25, or both for £40!
We can organise pick-up or postage (for a small charge)
Please contact us via email (, twitter or Facebook to purchase.

Here are a couple of photos of them in action at our training camp!

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Women's Tour of Yorkshire

Les Filles RT are ready to support Louise Mahe, LAST YEAR’S WINNER, to battle with the best and smash up the streets of Yorkshire on Saturday! Well that’s the plan anyway, admittedly the Tour of Yorkshire is going to be one of the hardest races our team has ever done, but we will endeavour to do the Number 1 jersey proud (Disclaimer: we do not actually know if Lou gets the Number 1 jersey). 

We also have plenty of local family and friends to do proud and thank for making this possible. Competing in this sort of race is nothing short of a logistical nightmare when your team all have full time jobs, but such is the Yorkshire way, we’ve not been short of people offering to help out. Thanks everyone!

So other than LAST YEAR’s WINNER, who else are we bringing to battle?
·       Delia Beddis. She's from Otley too you know.
·       Clem Copie
·       Captain (Nicole) Oh
·       Laura Greenhalgh
·       Helen Ralston

Support comes in the way of mechanic George Kirkin (Imperial Cycles), honorary team manager and DS Michael Williams, as well as Terry Beddis, Helen McKay, Simon Shaw and Lexie Williams holding the (very important) reigns (and baby) as chief supporters/swannies/drivers.

You can watch us LIVE on Eurosport from 8.30am, or ITV4 from 10am.

The provisional start list can be found here:-

Wish is luck!

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Training camp - our week in the "sun"

The Mallorcan weather gods were not kind to us this year, with just about everyday being wet and/or windy. Now, coming from the UK, this sounds like pretty standard fair, but on an island not accustomed to these conditions, the wet roads become slippery and treacherous, the strong gusty winds made the exposed descents slightly terrifying, and higher ground tended to attract sleet and snow. Needless to say, our optimistic program had to be modified and cut down significantly.

The week did not start well, when Captain Oh realised on putting on her kit and preparing to go out on a warm-up spin, that she had left her cycling shoes in London! The next morning we were greeted by hail. Then on Day 3, George our mechanic fell ill, and was bed-bound for most of the camp. Then Laura also fell ill. At least no one fell off their bikes.

We did manage some good rides in between the wrath of the weather gods. On Day 2 we embarked on a 120km ride along the Pipe Rd then up and over the Orient, where we stopped for lunch in a cafe with a sunny terrace and promptly stripped off our leg and arm warmers. This lasted about 10min before it clouded over and we were huddled around the open fire inside. On Day 4 we set out early on a beautiful sunny rolling ride out to the coast at Cala Ratjada and back, then sat smugly on the couch in the afternoon as it pissed it down once again. Then Day 6 brought us the mother of all rides. The annual Mallorca motor rally diverted our route to Valldemossa not once, but twice, the second occasion nearly left us in tears as we were told we had to turn around and ride back up and over the Pig (Puig Major) when we were just 35km from home. The 212km/2800m epic ride won’t be forgotten for some time. And I think we nearly killed Paino.

All this “lack of” riding left plenty of time for team bonding and there were plenty of laughs, washed down with truck-loads of wine. We took advantage of the free time to watch the cycling on tele (Go Cav & Wiggo!), make Welsh cakes and Sausage rolls, let out our competitive juices in Jungle Speed, hang out at Tolo’s, sit slug-like on the couch, and generally poke fun at everyone and everything.

So, bring on the race season. We’re ready for you… kind of…